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The municipality of Rostock collects and manages a multitude of data belonging to many different categories such as transport, environment and climate, infrastructure, and economy. These data have huge potential for innovations as long as they are published as open data so that everyone is free to copy, distribute and use the data, to produce works from the data, and to modify, transform and build upon the data, especially for commercial use. This web application serves as a central platform for publishing open data collected by the municipality of Rostock.

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OpenData.HRO contains 169 datasets that you can browse, learn about and download.

  • Infrastruktur, Bauen und Wohnen

    46 datasets
  • Geographie, Geologie und Geobasisdaten

    36 datasets
  • Kultur, Freizeit, Sport und Tourismus

    31 datasets
  • Öffentliche Verwaltung, Haushalt und Steuern

    28 datasets
  • Wirtschaft und Arbeit

    24 datasets
  • Politik und Wahlen

    21 datasets
  • Transport und Verkehr

    19 datasets
  • Umwelt und Klima

    19 datasets